Monday, April 4, 2011

Stone Mountain

I went with my family to the Stone Mountain laser show last night, for the first time. They had a segment where they played music by musicians from Georgia. So, there was Sugarland, Allman Brothers, Outkast and a few others. It was pretty cool. They also had The Devil Went Down to Georgia and a music video they made with the lasers. The boys had a good time, and we had a great spot right in the center.

Other than the war machine propaganda, it was a great show. The propaganda segment, they showed children growing up to be members of our armed forces and flag worship. But, it was fairly short.

I would definitely recommend seeing the show. It is quite spectacular and free if you have your yearly parking pass.


Elisa Rush said...

I remember going to Stone Mountain as child. Good memories!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! We would never see any kind of propaganda like that in Canada. Maybe, just maybe, there's a commerical for the armed forces once in a blue moon...and that's it!

Sounds like a great time, Sweet. :) Haven't heard the Allman Brothers mentioned in years.