Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Timmy ate a boneless pork chop last night with Creole seasoning.

So, I guess we'll be using that creole seasoning on a lot of things now. Thanks Zippy for suggesting the spice idea. He really likes it, so I'll be cooking with it a lot. He did not eat his red potato salad with dill, but he did try one bite. He actually looked excited to try it, "Mmmm yeah! Potato salad!" is what he said before taking a bite. But, turns out he didn't like it. Well, at least I know he genuinely doesn't like it, and he wasn't just being stubborn.

He tried two peas and picked the corn out to eat and left the peas. Oh well. I'm just happy he ate some lean meat.


Nicole said...


Yeah, spices will make anything taste better!

I was a picky eater growing up. My mom would make sure to make meals with veggies that she knew I'd like. So maybe you could always make corn for him. My brother used to only eat corn.

Does Timmy like fish? Fish with a lemon pepper seasoning is really good. I refuse to eat any sort of fish without seasoning on it.

Christina said...

Yeah, he likes corn a lot, especially when it's on the cob. He doesn't like tilapia, I know that much. I'm going to make a tuna casserole tonight and put plenty of cheese on it and see if he will like that. I'll probably put some corn, peas, carrots, green beans and broccoli in there too. Those are the veggies we always have in our freezer.

Nicole said...

YAY!! Way to go Timmy (and Stina!). Did you make sure to give him lots of praise for trying etc? I am sure you did :) I would keep offering the other vegies he doesn't always like still because kids are so strange, one day they will just try them. That's what I did with Grace and baby spinach leaves, when we had salad I kept putting them on her plate and one day she decided to try it again and loves them now.
Herbs and spices help ALOT!!

Jen said...

Yay Timmy!!! What a good boy :)
I know kids can be picky!! but as the get older sometimes there taste change for things so keep trying more things with him as he gets older :)

Elisa Rush said...

I'm so glad my suggestion worked!

Don't forget you can use that seasoning on other things, like veggies or rice. It might help if you call those "Pork with Creole Seasoning" so he associates both the porkchop and the creole seasoning as things he likes. That way if you say you're having pork he will be more likely to try something and if you have creole seasoning on a veggie he may be more likely to try it.

Sometimes liking something is all about not being ignorant of what's going on-- almost a mind game. Too bad you don't have your Marketing Degree so you can present food to him. ;)