Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Weaned :(

So, I guess Jimmy is weaned now. I was bringing him in the bed every morning (except work days) and nursing him just that one time a day. But, after this last weekend I decided not to anymore. Kind of sad about it since he is our last baby. He'll be two years old in May. We moved him into his own room, and he's doing fine in there. Him being in our room it was just too easy to grab him and bring him in bed with me, so it made it easier putting him in his room.

The really cool thing is that haven't had a monthly cycle since June of 2006, the month before Jimmy was conceived. That was nice.


Nicole said...


The other good things are that you have given him a great start to a healthy life! You have made him feel safe and secure that he is able to sleep in his own room! You have done wonderful :)

Christina said...

Thanks, Nicole. That makes me feel better about it.