Sunday, February 15, 2009

[NWs] got hitched!

Well, our server was getting pretty slow, and we weren't getting any new members. I was missing the fellowship of a clan and getting to know all my clanmates like I had with =UEC= and =|MGX|=. The most important part of a clan to me is friendship. And, we just weren't making any with [NWs]. One of Robert's friends, Sgt.1Guy from another clan asked us to merge with them. I'm really happy about it. We won't have to worry about if we will be able to pay the server bill every month, and we'll get to make new friends. The ones I met so far seem real nice too, they're even gonna try to not say the GD-word for me because it bothers me.

So, West Coast Mayhem is our new clan. They got a pretty cool website too.

Robert will still be messing with the mod and stuff on the server, so that will be cool.

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Nicole said...

Cool cool!

Now that we have our 2 computers set up again Lorne and I have been playing Medal of Honor. Yep, I've missed blowing him up with a grenade launcher lol! We're hilarious when we play. Yesterday he shot me out of no where and I actually screamed! My one cat got all excited and jumped on me wondering what was going on. It's so much fun to play! If you guys are interested in playing with us I could send you copies of the cd's :o) We're trying to get my brother and a friend of Lorne's to join in too.