Monday, February 23, 2009

"No children allowed in the sanctuary"

There's been a discussion on a forum I go to about a policy that a church implemented regarding kids between the ages of 3 months to pre-school age not being allowed to worship with their parents in the sanctuary. The kids must be sent to the church nursery/Sunday school class or sit in the family room and watch the sermon on a TV.

You can watch the 6 minute video here Faith Promise - Pro Kids.

The way this pastor is manipulating his church is appalling. I have never even taken a psychology class but it doesn't take an expert to see how manipulative he is.

-Blaming children for sending someone to Hell who is on the fence?! I can't believe he even said that. He seriously could have used more tact than that.

-Calling the sanctuary a "war zone". Ummm, isn't everywhere else a war zone too?

-Saying that the reason mothers are with their babies is because of the mother's "separation anxiety"? Um, wrong again. Bad joke. It's called God-given maternal instinct.

If some kids are causing such a problem in the sanctuary during service, why don't the ushers have a word with those parents. Ask them to go sit in the family room or put the kids in Pro-Kids. Why make a blanket mandatory policy? The people who are really going to miss out are those families of well-behaved children who strongly believe in family worship.

My kids are loud and wild. They are the type of kids that really do need to be in the nursery/kids' church. I think most parents of energetic kids who can't sit still and be quiet know this about their kids. It's hard to believe that there were so many wild kids (with clueless parents) that the church felt they had to make this policy.

My friend Sandy blogged about it too....hope she doesn't mind I link to her blog entry.


Nicole said...


War zone? Nice excuse for not wanting kids in your church buddy. How nice to make it sound like kids are sending people to hell. What the heck?

I am going to post a link to your blog on my page. You wrote what I was thinking so I will just post a link to your blog.

Christina said...

I know I couldn't believe what he was saying. There's a whole thread about it in Parenting on CW, and also Sandy blogged about it too if you wanna read hers.

Nicole said...

Interesting... I'll have to check that out!

Jen said...

I can't see the video now, but I have heard about it on the forums too and it is just crazy! Where I go to church, there are babies and young children out in the sanctuary, although our church does offer nursary and Childrens church but its not necessary for them to go...but the little kids that do go have a blast learning and making stuff while their parents learn and worship.

*sigh* to crazy people in this world!

Anonymous said...

I think that the church should start a policy where the Pastor and Board members are sent to a separate room because they are too distracting in the sanctuary. They are more likely to be the distraction than kids are.