Sunday, February 8, 2009

Gotta brag on my man

I asked Robert on the weekends if he could just do a load of dishes and pick up the toys with the kids since I'll be working. Well, Saturday when I was at work, not only did he do a load of dishes and pick up toys, he cleaned the kitchen top to bottom, swept, wiped everything down, de-cluttered the counters. He also did two loads of laundry. And, he even put some toys outside to be donated or thrown away that the kids don't play with anymore. He vacuumed the living room, his office and our bedroom. He hung the paintings on the wall that my mom loaned us. He moved our chest of drawers into his office since we both need to change into work clothes in another room so as not to wake Jimmy in our bedroom. He rearranged our bedroom furniture so we actually have floor space now.

I have much confidence in my man now regarding caring for our kids too. The only thing I told him Friday night before bed was "the kids prefer their fried bologna sandwiches toasted with mayonnaise." Yep, I didn't have to tell him anything else because he has been so attentive in the last year or so. He changes their diapers in a timely manner, and he can even tolerate poop diapers now. He's even pretty good about putting dishes and utensils far back on the counter so Jimmy can't reach them.

When I got home from work, I was pretty tired from tossing and turning the night before (and apparently I was getting sick too) that he helped me with dinner.

Tonight since I am sick, he made dinner with very little assistance from me. He made fried chicken from scratch in the fry daddy, rice in the rice cooker and steamed veggies.


Nicole said...

You have one amazing husband Christina :o) He did soooooo much!

Jen said...

oh-wow that is awesome!
Robert is a good hubby ;)