Sunday, February 8, 2009

Called in sick today :(

I feel terrible. I had to call in sick to work on my second day because I was puking this morning. I felt alright last night, just really tired because I tossed and turned the night before my first day. I was getting cold sweats, and I felt dizzy and nauseous this morning when I woke up. I called my site supervisor at 5:50am today to tell him I was sick. I could tell he was really disappointed, probably even annoyed since it was so early on a weekend. I assured him that I'm not a flake and really want the job. I told him that it wouldn't happen again and he said "You're right it won't happen again." I'm kinda scared I might get fired. Guardsmark is really strict, but that's a good thing because they really do have the highest quality service. I just hope they are understanding.

One thing I've noticed working in security is that a lot of the people who get jobs as guards are REALLY flaky. When I worked for my last company, I had to train 4 people before I could go on maternity leave because the first three either didn't show up for the second night of training or they were terrible. When I went on maternity leave with Timmy, the first gal I trained fell asleep at the console. She kept nodding off when I was training her, and she kept trying to do her schoolwork during slow times instead of reading the training materials. The second guy I trained straight up told me half way through the night that he really didn't want to do this job and left at 4am. The third guy I trained seemed slow and overwhelmed by all our duties, and he didn't show up for the second night of training. The 4th guy, Dennis was great. He was in Vietnam and has also worked security before. He picked up on everything really quickly and didn't mind all our duties. He still works graveyard at that site now, almost 4 years later. I was happy to hear he wanted to stay after I returned from maternity leave because I only wanted to work part-time. I'm happy we got him when we did because I went into labor with Timmy 3 days after I trained him.

There have been other events that my last company called me to at the last minute because people didn't show up. So, all that kind of gives you an idea at what kind of people work as security guards. You gals have probably had your own negative experiences with power-tripping security guards or stupid ones.

Guardsmark doesn't put up with that though. Every guard I've met seems to be really on the ball. That's one of the reasons I know I will like working for them. I just hope I still have a job.

I know I would have gotten dizzy or fainted at work today even though I sit at a desk. Better to faint at home than at work and make the company pay for an ambulance, since a fellow guard would be required to call an ambulance. Not to mention one of my fellow guards would have had to write an Incident Report if I fainted. Everytime I got up today I got really dizzy and had to sit back down. I pretty much laid in bed most of the day and Robert took care of the kids.


Nicole said...

((((((((hugs))))))))) Oh my! I'm so sorry you got so sick :o( How stressful.

Jen said...

Stina, I am sorry you were so sick
and that you had to call in work sick :(

How are you feeling now?