Thursday, January 8, 2009

Update: Scary News

That exterminator job in Salem is low pay, plus commission, so it doesn't sound very good. Robert is not good at sales and that would make it kind of stressful for him.

So, I called my old employer to see if they had any days or swings on Saturdays and Sundays, and she's gonna call me back. They only pay $9/hour, so I can't just work there full time and have Robert quit his job. But me working 2 eights or 2 twelves would help a lot.

Also, gonna head up to Guardsmark today or tomorrow, depending on what time Robert gets off and fill out an app. They having a position opening in February.

Talked to my friend who's dad is a sheriff deputy and her friend is a correction officer about the physical fitness test for deputies and corrections officers, and she says it's very difficult, and she doesn't think I can pass it being out of shape and a smoker. So, I don't know if I will apply for the corrections officer job. It's a 1234 foot obstacle course that has to be done in less than 9 minutes for corrections officers and less than 8 minutes for sheriff deputies or something like that. I think if nothing comes through by close to the application deadline, then I might apply. It would only cost me $10 to get a form notarized, so that's not too much.

My unarmed officer's license expires next month. It's $50 to renew it. Not sure where I'm gonna come up with the money for that.

Too much going on. I'm not scared of starving to death or freezing to death, I'm scared of losing our lifestyle. It's not like we ever had much money, but we live in a nice place and have a 4 door car. I don't want to lose that. And, I don't want to share our place with cockroaches again, or have drug addict neighbors.

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Nicole said...

I am praying for you guys. I prayed that God would lead you and your family to the right city and the right job (s). I do not want you to have to take a step back... especially if it's going to lead you back to the ghetto's :-/