Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Got it (I think)

I had my interview at Guardsmark today. Can you believe my battery was dead when I went to start it?! Just my luck to. Then when I finally got to Portland, the street Guardsmark is on was closed! I drove around and around in circles looking for a parking spot. I called the HR lady I was supposed to interview with at 2pm, my interview time, and told her that SW Washington was closed and that I would be there soon. Finally, I found a parking spot...but it was between a gigantic F-350 and a full size van! And, my car is a Crown Victoria, so it's not very small either. It took me ten tries before a Marine walked by and saw me struggling. He asked if I wanted him to guide me in, I said "thank you so much, would you mind just parking it for me?" LOL! He laughed and said no problem. He parked it perfectly in one try! So, I ran to these new fangled machines that spit out tickets to stick to my car (rather than each parking space having a meter), and it stole a quarter from me! Fortunately, I had an extra quarter.

After that, I ran 3 blocks barefoot carrying my 4 inch heels with me. I got into the office and fortunately HR Lady was very busy. I explained what happened and promised that I'm usually only late for work once or twice per year (which is true), and she said she's glad I was late because she was swamped and I would have just had to sit there wasting quarters.

We interviewed, and it went great. She gave me this gigantic stack of paperwork. I have to give my references a piece of paper they have to sign with info about me, and I have to bring it back to her. I also have to three notarized letters from people I know (not family) explaining why I had such a large gap in employment (staying at home). 3 notaries will cost me $10 each I think, not to mention I have to bring the people I know to the Notary Public because the signatures have to be witnessed by the Notary Public. So, I'm thinking my BFF Melissa and her husband, and maybe my old neighbor John, or maybe my Bible study friend, Pam. Plus, there is this HUGE packet of questions I have to choose on a scantron. I hate scantrons because they only allow 8 letters for the first name and not much more for last names! I've had a beef with scantrons since the 2nd grade! And, then my test results come back "Christin Bazaria" or something, not Christina Bazarian. Well, I don't care that I have to do it, but I do hate scantrons. It's for the personality test that gets evaluated by a psychologist. But, one thing that I am really happy about is that I can renew my DPSST through Guardsmark, they will pay for it upfront and then take the $50 out of my first paycheck. What a relief. Especially since I wasn't planning on that Notary Public bill.

I asked HR Lady what were my chances of getting this position, and she said, when I give out that gigantic stack of paperwork, that means we want you. So, if all your background check passes then you get the job. I am so happy about that. I stopped at Terrace Tower (my old site) and dropped off a reference paper with Glenn, my old supervisor, so he will fill it out and fax it to HR Lady. I also stopped by ABM and talked to Susan. She said she was sad I wouldn't be working for them, but she'd be happy to give me a reference, so she filled one out too. Now, I need 4 more references to fill out that paper. My BFF Melissa and maybe her husband. I'm not sure who else to ask though. Maybe I can fax one to my old boss in California. It's been like 8 years since I've talked to him though. Or, I might be able to find my old colleague from Dex since I think my old supervisor doesn't work there anymore.

Well, this all has to be done by Tuesday the 20th. The job starts February 4th. It's Saturday and Sunday 7am-3pm at a building in the Pearl District. She says I'd be a "receptionist security officer" whatever that means! She said I'd be answering a multi-line phone. It pays $11/hour so we should be fine until Guardsmark has a full-time position paying as much as Robert made.

So, you know what this means?! No more doing dishes on Saturdays and Sundays!

Thanks for all your prayers. Hopefully this fog will be lifting soon. I hate being so antisocial because I know it's even worse for me. I love you gals for sticking with me. :)


Jen said...

Stina, you were threw a few road blocks but you drove around them! I am glad your interview went well and that you have the job :)
There is no chance you know a Notary do ya that might can help out? but atleast since you don't have to pay for the renew that helps in away...
Still will keep praying for ya!

Nicole said...

Oh wow! That is great news!!!! Woohooo!

And how kind of that man to park your car for you. I would have done the same thing. I do not parallel park. I did for the sake of my driver's tests, but after that I refuse to do it. No thank you!

We've missed you a lot, but totally understand why you haven't been online much. We all just want you to find a job that you love and be able to look forward to the future instead of dreading about the past creeping back up on you.

Haha for not having to do dishes on the weekend. That made me giggle :o)

Nicole said...

Oh I am so delighted things are looking up for you both!! How awesome was God that it all fell together on the day huh? All those things that could of made it bad were turned to good!!

Claire said...

What wonderful news. I'll be praying for you as you start your great new job!