Friday, January 9, 2009

Another Update

Went and filled out an application at Guardsmark yesterday. Can you believe it's like $10 to park in a lot for 1 hour?! Fortunately, I found a parking spot on the street which only cost me $1.50 for an hour and 15 minutes.

The gal who interviews was there and looked at my application and resume right after I was done, and she wants me to call on Monday to schedule a formal interview. She asked me a few questions about my computer skills. For some reason, I totally forgot to put my computer skills on my resume, so I'm glad she asked.

She asked me how much I want to get paid, and I told her if I was working full-time I would at least need to make as much as Robert, and that I would settle for less if I were working only on the weekends.

She said there is another positioning opening for either day shift or swing shift on Saturdays and Sundays for $10/hour, and that there will be a full time day shift position opening later on for $13/hour which is a little more than Robert made. She said the full-time position was for a receptionist. I hope she doesn't mean like not a guard and sitting at a desk all day. I should have asked her. I've done 6 years of office work, and I really don't like it. LOL.....But, the cool thing about security guard companies is that if you don't like the site you're working at, you can simply ask to be put somewhere else. And, if you're a good worker, then they will place you first.

So, it looks pretty hopeful. Lets just hope I have enough gas to get to the interview and back.

ABM hasn't called me back yet. I'm wondering if I should call her and tell her to hold off for a bit because I may have another job offer. I would only be making $9/hour with my old employer. If I don't call her, I will feel really bad if she went calling around like crazy switching people around to accommodate me because she wants me back with them. So, I'm not sure if I should call her.


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the interview! I don't much like interviews, but I always seem to settle once they get started! I hope the position works out for you!

Nicole said...

Well that is some encouraging news Stina!!
Maybe wait until you have your interview to call your old boss? I will be praying for you.
Are you feeling hopeful about things now?

Jen said...

Good Luck Stina! praying for yall!
I hope everything goes well with the interview.

Claire said...

Oh good luck sweetie! I hope it works out - I will be thinking of you!


Nicole said...

Good luck! I'm praying!