Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Timmy ate a boneless pork chop last night with Creole seasoning.

So, I guess we'll be using that creole seasoning on a lot of things now. Thanks Zippy for suggesting the spice idea. He really likes it, so I'll be cooking with it a lot. He did not eat his red potato salad with dill, but he did try one bite. He actually looked excited to try it, "Mmmm yeah! Potato salad!" is what he said before taking a bite. But, turns out he didn't like it. Well, at least I know he genuinely doesn't like it, and he wasn't just being stubborn.

He tried two peas and picked the corn out to eat and left the peas. Oh well. I'm just happy he ate some lean meat.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Too chubby?

I've been concerned about Timmy's weight for quite some time and the things I feed him and his refusal to eat healthy things I make for dinner. He loves breakfast and lunch, but when it comes to dinner it's only buttered noodles, mac n cheese, burritos, fries n dogs and quesadillas.

I think it's taking it's toll on his body now. My mom got him some jeans and khakis for Christmas, and they no longer fit him around his waist. We got him some size 6/7 adjustable waist shorts from Walmart, they are way too long and way too tight around his waist. The elastic waist shorts we got him make him look like a cholo because they are too long, but they fit him OK around the waist. At bedtime he wears pull-up diapers because even size 6 diapers are too small for him now.

I'm afraid if I don't do something now he will be one of those boys who won't take his shirt off in the pool because the other kids will make fun of his boobs. Or, worse, the doctor will diagnose him with high cholesterol or something. Robert says if we put him in football as a linebacker they won't tease him, but what if he doesn't like football?

Robert and I were both "the fat kid" and it's not fun. Kids can be so cruel...the pointing and the whispers were the least of it. Getting detention after P.E. class everyday for coming out late because I didn't want to change in front of the other girls was not fun either. I was referenced as "fat Christina, not shorthaired Christina" so as not to get mixed up with the other Christina in my school. I do not want my children to have to go through that.

Beginning tonight Timmy will eat what he's served at dinnertime, and if he doesn't eat it, then he doesn't get anything else until the next meal (which is breakfast). I served rice with chicken broccoli curry cream of mushroom sauce tonight, and he managed to get three bites down. I let the hunger pangs set in (if he had any), and then gave him some milk before bed.

A lot of parents do this, but I didn't really want to. I didn't mind the extensive planning ahead to make sure he was going to have leftovers that he liked when I was making something he didn't like for the rest of us. I didn't mind using an extra knife or pot to make something he would actually eat when I made something I knew he didn't like. It'd be different if he liked carrots or brown rice or zucchini or something healthy. I'd continue to make sure he had those few healthy things he liked until he grew out of this stage. But, when he will only eat pasta, tortillas and dairy, it's not good. I've tried disguising healthy foods sometimes (hiding veggies in his burritos), and that works, but I can't do that every single night. Unlike me, he gets tired of rice, beans & tortillas.

So, that's that. We'll see how things go and if he starts dropping weight because he's eating less or because he'll start to enjoy the healthy dinners I make.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Thunder Thighs Strikes Back!

So, for my work uniform, I wear gray trousers. Guardsmark provides the uniforms, but I was having trouble finding pants that fit me properly. They fit me fine in the waist and hips, but they were snug in the thighs. No big deal right? I'm a woman, who cares if my pants are too tight in the thighs. All my pants are too tight in the thighs. Well, I noticed after a couple weeks, my trouser started to come apart at the inseam. So, I went downtown and got another pair. They didn't have any larger women's sizes, so I looked through the men's trousers and found a pair that was made of a different material and seemed more sturdy.

Saturday morning comes and I'm dressed and ready to walk out the door. I bend over to tighten my shoelaces and RRRRRIIIIIIIPPPPP! Out goes the inseam from crotch to ankle. Mind you I work two days a week and have only ONE pair of pants. What the heck am I going to do, I thought to myself. I hurried to the closet and found my old navy blue trousers I had when I worked for ABM. They have always been tight in the thighs, but they are a very well made trouser, maybe they use sturgeon line to sew the inseam. Fortunately my blazer is navy blue also, so it looks nice together, but still not my proper uniform. I went to work and no one noticed until I told them. My supervisor even relieved me that day and didn't notice I was wearing navy trousers.

The following week I decide to buy my own pair of gray trousers. I hit up Goodwill first, and no luck finding charcoal gray trousers with belt loops. (I have to wear a belt for my radio and cell phone at work.) No problem, maybe I can find some for $20 at Sears or JCP. No such luck. I went to Sears, JCP, Macys, Nordstrom and Gap. Found lots of pinstripes, light gray and no belt loop trousers. Some of these department stores are no longer sorting section by Juniors, Misses, Women's, Plus Size, Old Lady anymore, they sort by brand name. It took me hours to go through all these sections in all these department stores and not once did any employee offer to help me. I was almost in tears walking through the mall back to my car when I passed by Lane Bryant. I guess I'll try one more store, hopefully they sell my size.

I walk into Lane Bryant, and immediately was greeted by 3 lovely plus-sized women. Oh yeah, Lane Bryant is a plus-sized store. "Can I help you find anything?" said Tila, the LB employee who absolutely made my day. "This is the 7th store I've been to today, and I'm about ready to cry. Do you have charcoal gray trousers with belt loops?" And, guess what? They had a ton! They have some for boxy women, slightly curvy women and for badonkadonk booties. She gave me a pair to try on and kept tossing more over the dressing room door. I've never been so happy to try on clothes because they ALL fit me without having to lay down, suck it in and struggle to even get them over my legs.

This particular store didn't have charcoal gray in my shape, so Tila said she would try calling the other Lane Bryants in the area, and if they didn't have them, then she would order my pants off the website and ship them to my house for free. Fortunately, the Tualatin store had them, and Tila placed them on hold for me. I wanted to hug her, but I didn't.

HERE's my pants. I've haven't paid 50 bucks for an article of clothing since I was single. But, the pants look so cute that I would actually wear them at other times. They will also pay for themselves in 6 weeks because they are machine washable. I had to get my old trousers dry cleaned.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Weaned :(

So, I guess Jimmy is weaned now. I was bringing him in the bed every morning (except work days) and nursing him just that one time a day. But, after this last weekend I decided not to anymore. Kind of sad about it since he is our last baby. He'll be two years old in May. We moved him into his own room, and he's doing fine in there. Him being in our room it was just too easy to grab him and bring him in bed with me, so it made it easier putting him in his room.

The really cool thing is that haven't had a monthly cycle since June of 2006, the month before Jimmy was conceived. That was nice.

Friday, March 20, 2009


Not very high scoring games, but I beat everyone. I never win, sometimes I do very well, but never win. I won three times that night. My clanmates are very good players too, so I'm surprised I was able to beat them, including my husband!

Friday, March 6, 2009

New blog look!

I love it! I didn't make everything the right size, but it still looks nice. If you push F11, you can see where I didn't make the background long enough. But, who uses F11 anyway?

I got all the images from Shabby Princess' free DLs, and then I put it all together in Flash. Looks spring-y. :)

If you want to make something like that, I can probably help you with the HTML side of it and image sizing. Those parts were pretty simple.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A person is a person, no matter how small

Be sure to turn off my music player for this.

This young lady's speech is absolutely amazing. What maturity she shows. Good for her.

One fact I want to point out is that only 1% of ALL abortions in the U.S. are for rape, incest or to save the life of the mother.

Monday, February 23, 2009

"No children allowed in the sanctuary"

There's been a discussion on a forum I go to about a policy that a church implemented regarding kids between the ages of 3 months to pre-school age not being allowed to worship with their parents in the sanctuary. The kids must be sent to the church nursery/Sunday school class or sit in the family room and watch the sermon on a TV.

You can watch the 6 minute video here Faith Promise - Pro Kids.

The way this pastor is manipulating his church is appalling. I have never even taken a psychology class but it doesn't take an expert to see how manipulative he is.

-Blaming children for sending someone to Hell who is on the fence?! I can't believe he even said that. He seriously could have used more tact than that.

-Calling the sanctuary a "war zone". Ummm, isn't everywhere else a war zone too?

-Saying that the reason mothers are with their babies is because of the mother's "separation anxiety"? Um, wrong again. Bad joke. It's called God-given maternal instinct.

If some kids are causing such a problem in the sanctuary during service, why don't the ushers have a word with those parents. Ask them to go sit in the family room or put the kids in Pro-Kids. Why make a blanket mandatory policy? The people who are really going to miss out are those families of well-behaved children who strongly believe in family worship.

My kids are loud and wild. They are the type of kids that really do need to be in the nursery/kids' church. I think most parents of energetic kids who can't sit still and be quiet know this about their kids. It's hard to believe that there were so many wild kids (with clueless parents) that the church felt they had to make this policy.

My friend Sandy blogged about it too....hope she doesn't mind I link to her blog entry.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

[NWs] got hitched!

Well, our server was getting pretty slow, and we weren't getting any new members. I was missing the fellowship of a clan and getting to know all my clanmates like I had with =UEC= and =|MGX|=. The most important part of a clan to me is friendship. And, we just weren't making any with [NWs]. One of Robert's friends, Sgt.1Guy from another clan asked us to merge with them. I'm really happy about it. We won't have to worry about if we will be able to pay the server bill every month, and we'll get to make new friends. The ones I met so far seem real nice too, they're even gonna try to not say the GD-word for me because it bothers me.

So, West Coast Mayhem is our new clan. They got a pretty cool website too.

Robert will still be messing with the mod and stuff on the server, so that will be cool.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Just learned that Activision will be releasing a new Call of Duty this year. I gotta say I'm pretty ticked about it. Robert and I have been playing COD since the first one in 2004, and we have always gotten the new one and had to upgrade our computers to be able to play the latest. It's our hobby. We have had friends we've made over the years through the game. But, every time a new one comes out, someone always gets left behind because the person can't afford to upgrade their machine. Whenever a new one comes out, most people have to upgrade their computers to be able to play it. That's what ticks me off the most. I'm tired of paying $50 a year to buy a new game, and I'm tired of paying for new computer parts every year to be able to play with my friends. Seriously, I wish there was a limit on how often a company can release a new version of a game.

Why couldn't they have made it an expansion pack of either COD4 or COD5? They would still get their $50, and people wouldn't have to upgrade their computers. It would be really cool if COD4 had some Humvees and flyable helicopters and new maps. Or, if COD5 had new maps, some Jeeps and flyable planes, especially since COD5 has Japs. How cool would that be to fly your plane into the Allies spawnpoint and blow them all up at once AND get a first person view of it? That would be even cooler than napalm. They released an expansion pack for COD1, and with that you could drive Jeeps and tanks. Everyone though it was great, and no one had to pay an arm and a leg for a new video card or a new processor.

If they do release it this year, they better not screw it up like they did with COD5 and its glitches. Or, they will start losing some of their long time committed customers.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Gotta brag on my man

I asked Robert on the weekends if he could just do a load of dishes and pick up the toys with the kids since I'll be working. Well, Saturday when I was at work, not only did he do a load of dishes and pick up toys, he cleaned the kitchen top to bottom, swept, wiped everything down, de-cluttered the counters. He also did two loads of laundry. And, he even put some toys outside to be donated or thrown away that the kids don't play with anymore. He vacuumed the living room, his office and our bedroom. He hung the paintings on the wall that my mom loaned us. He moved our chest of drawers into his office since we both need to change into work clothes in another room so as not to wake Jimmy in our bedroom. He rearranged our bedroom furniture so we actually have floor space now.

I have much confidence in my man now regarding caring for our kids too. The only thing I told him Friday night before bed was "the kids prefer their fried bologna sandwiches toasted with mayonnaise." Yep, I didn't have to tell him anything else because he has been so attentive in the last year or so. He changes their diapers in a timely manner, and he can even tolerate poop diapers now. He's even pretty good about putting dishes and utensils far back on the counter so Jimmy can't reach them.

When I got home from work, I was pretty tired from tossing and turning the night before (and apparently I was getting sick too) that he helped me with dinner.

Tonight since I am sick, he made dinner with very little assistance from me. He made fried chicken from scratch in the fry daddy, rice in the rice cooker and steamed veggies.

Called in sick today :(

I feel terrible. I had to call in sick to work on my second day because I was puking this morning. I felt alright last night, just really tired because I tossed and turned the night before my first day. I was getting cold sweats, and I felt dizzy and nauseous this morning when I woke up. I called my site supervisor at 5:50am today to tell him I was sick. I could tell he was really disappointed, probably even annoyed since it was so early on a weekend. I assured him that I'm not a flake and really want the job. I told him that it wouldn't happen again and he said "You're right it won't happen again." I'm kinda scared I might get fired. Guardsmark is really strict, but that's a good thing because they really do have the highest quality service. I just hope they are understanding.

One thing I've noticed working in security is that a lot of the people who get jobs as guards are REALLY flaky. When I worked for my last company, I had to train 4 people before I could go on maternity leave because the first three either didn't show up for the second night of training or they were terrible. When I went on maternity leave with Timmy, the first gal I trained fell asleep at the console. She kept nodding off when I was training her, and she kept trying to do her schoolwork during slow times instead of reading the training materials. The second guy I trained straight up told me half way through the night that he really didn't want to do this job and left at 4am. The third guy I trained seemed slow and overwhelmed by all our duties, and he didn't show up for the second night of training. The 4th guy, Dennis was great. He was in Vietnam and has also worked security before. He picked up on everything really quickly and didn't mind all our duties. He still works graveyard at that site now, almost 4 years later. I was happy to hear he wanted to stay after I returned from maternity leave because I only wanted to work part-time. I'm happy we got him when we did because I went into labor with Timmy 3 days after I trained him.

There have been other events that my last company called me to at the last minute because people didn't show up. So, all that kind of gives you an idea at what kind of people work as security guards. You gals have probably had your own negative experiences with power-tripping security guards or stupid ones.

Guardsmark doesn't put up with that though. Every guard I've met seems to be really on the ball. That's one of the reasons I know I will like working for them. I just hope I still have a job.

I know I would have gotten dizzy or fainted at work today even though I sit at a desk. Better to faint at home than at work and make the company pay for an ambulance, since a fellow guard would be required to call an ambulance. Not to mention one of my fellow guards would have had to write an Incident Report if I fainted. Everytime I got up today I got really dizzy and had to sit back down. I pretty much laid in bed most of the day and Robert took care of the kids.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

More parking drama!

Seriously, almost feels like someone has it in for me!

I knew I wouldn't be able to feed the meter today for orientation and training, so I decided I would drive to the MAX (lightrail) which has free parking and take the MAX into downtown. So, I got there, and guess what? Yeah, the lot was full! Not one parking space! So, I thought, OK I'll just jump back on the freeway and park at the zoo and catch the same train there since the zoo has free parking too. Well, there was so much traffic on the freeway that I didn't make it in time to catch the MAX at the zoo, so I just drove to downtown and paid to park in a lot. $10.50 to park in a lot!

Fortunately, I won't have this drama on the weekend when I work. On Saturdays I'll park at the Port of Portland lot which is open to the public on the weekends and free. It's about 10 blocks from my site, so I can just jump on the streetcar which is free in Fareless Square or walk if I have enough time. And, on Sundays I can park on the street since we don't have to pay meters on Sundays.

My site is so nice though and close to Powell's Books which is like two square blocks and three stories high of used books. The neighborhood I'm working in is really cool too. It's called the Pearl District.

Monday, February 2, 2009

New car

It's a 1992 Honda Accord LX Wagon! It only has 120k mi./193k km. on it. It's very clean and it drives really nice. We got it for $2700 from a guy on Craigslist. Most of the other Hondas on craigslist for that price had closer to 200k miles on them, so I think we got a good deal.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Getting there but more car and parking drama

Went and brought all my paperwork in today, and HR lady says it looks really good. She was impressed with my thoroughness and honesty, so that's good. I watched a video there today about the company, and it really seems like a great company to work for. They give bonuses for certain things, and everyone I've met seems really nice. Sounds like I will learn a lot more about security, safety and whatnot too. Today I learned about fire extinguishers and each type and which one to use in different types of fire. I didn't know that before, so that was pretty cool.

My car is broken broken though. I had to rent a car today because I can look underneath my car and see the oil squirting out. I've done our taxes already, so our return should be coming January 30th. Problem is that I have to go back to the office on the 29th to renew my license and get my uniforms. We really don't have the money for me to rent a car again. It was $32. But, I think we will probably just have to make do.

I got two parking tickets today. One was for not putting the sticker in the driver window, I put it in the windshield. I thought the meter maids drove around in small cars, so I figured it would be good in the windshield so they could see it from the street. But, apparently they ride bicycles on the sidewalks these days. The other ticket was for parking over the line blocking a garbage can. The line was really faded, and I didn't think it really mattered, but I guess it does. $24 each. Ka-ching! You're welcome, City of Portland! Maybe you can afford to paint the parking lines with that money and the faded yellow zone in front of the garbage can!

I'm pretty excited to start my job though. Not looking forward to getting up at 5am. But, I'll get used to it I'm sure.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Got it (I think)

I had my interview at Guardsmark today. Can you believe my battery was dead when I went to start it?! Just my luck to. Then when I finally got to Portland, the street Guardsmark is on was closed! I drove around and around in circles looking for a parking spot. I called the HR lady I was supposed to interview with at 2pm, my interview time, and told her that SW Washington was closed and that I would be there soon. Finally, I found a parking spot...but it was between a gigantic F-350 and a full size van! And, my car is a Crown Victoria, so it's not very small either. It took me ten tries before a Marine walked by and saw me struggling. He asked if I wanted him to guide me in, I said "thank you so much, would you mind just parking it for me?" LOL! He laughed and said no problem. He parked it perfectly in one try! So, I ran to these new fangled machines that spit out tickets to stick to my car (rather than each parking space having a meter), and it stole a quarter from me! Fortunately, I had an extra quarter.

After that, I ran 3 blocks barefoot carrying my 4 inch heels with me. I got into the office and fortunately HR Lady was very busy. I explained what happened and promised that I'm usually only late for work once or twice per year (which is true), and she said she's glad I was late because she was swamped and I would have just had to sit there wasting quarters.

We interviewed, and it went great. She gave me this gigantic stack of paperwork. I have to give my references a piece of paper they have to sign with info about me, and I have to bring it back to her. I also have to three notarized letters from people I know (not family) explaining why I had such a large gap in employment (staying at home). 3 notaries will cost me $10 each I think, not to mention I have to bring the people I know to the Notary Public because the signatures have to be witnessed by the Notary Public. So, I'm thinking my BFF Melissa and her husband, and maybe my old neighbor John, or maybe my Bible study friend, Pam. Plus, there is this HUGE packet of questions I have to choose on a scantron. I hate scantrons because they only allow 8 letters for the first name and not much more for last names! I've had a beef with scantrons since the 2nd grade! And, then my test results come back "Christin Bazaria" or something, not Christina Bazarian. Well, I don't care that I have to do it, but I do hate scantrons. It's for the personality test that gets evaluated by a psychologist. But, one thing that I am really happy about is that I can renew my DPSST through Guardsmark, they will pay for it upfront and then take the $50 out of my first paycheck. What a relief. Especially since I wasn't planning on that Notary Public bill.

I asked HR Lady what were my chances of getting this position, and she said, when I give out that gigantic stack of paperwork, that means we want you. So, if all your background check passes then you get the job. I am so happy about that. I stopped at Terrace Tower (my old site) and dropped off a reference paper with Glenn, my old supervisor, so he will fill it out and fax it to HR Lady. I also stopped by ABM and talked to Susan. She said she was sad I wouldn't be working for them, but she'd be happy to give me a reference, so she filled one out too. Now, I need 4 more references to fill out that paper. My BFF Melissa and maybe her husband. I'm not sure who else to ask though. Maybe I can fax one to my old boss in California. It's been like 8 years since I've talked to him though. Or, I might be able to find my old colleague from Dex since I think my old supervisor doesn't work there anymore.

Well, this all has to be done by Tuesday the 20th. The job starts February 4th. It's Saturday and Sunday 7am-3pm at a building in the Pearl District. She says I'd be a "receptionist security officer" whatever that means! She said I'd be answering a multi-line phone. It pays $11/hour so we should be fine until Guardsmark has a full-time position paying as much as Robert made.

So, you know what this means?! No more doing dishes on Saturdays and Sundays!

Thanks for all your prayers. Hopefully this fog will be lifting soon. I hate being so antisocial because I know it's even worse for me. I love you gals for sticking with me. :)

Friday, January 9, 2009

Another Update

Went and filled out an application at Guardsmark yesterday. Can you believe it's like $10 to park in a lot for 1 hour?! Fortunately, I found a parking spot on the street which only cost me $1.50 for an hour and 15 minutes.

The gal who interviews was there and looked at my application and resume right after I was done, and she wants me to call on Monday to schedule a formal interview. She asked me a few questions about my computer skills. For some reason, I totally forgot to put my computer skills on my resume, so I'm glad she asked.

She asked me how much I want to get paid, and I told her if I was working full-time I would at least need to make as much as Robert, and that I would settle for less if I were working only on the weekends.

She said there is another positioning opening for either day shift or swing shift on Saturdays and Sundays for $10/hour, and that there will be a full time day shift position opening later on for $13/hour which is a little more than Robert made. She said the full-time position was for a receptionist. I hope she doesn't mean like not a guard and sitting at a desk all day. I should have asked her. I've done 6 years of office work, and I really don't like it. LOL.....But, the cool thing about security guard companies is that if you don't like the site you're working at, you can simply ask to be put somewhere else. And, if you're a good worker, then they will place you first.

So, it looks pretty hopeful. Lets just hope I have enough gas to get to the interview and back.

ABM hasn't called me back yet. I'm wondering if I should call her and tell her to hold off for a bit because I may have another job offer. I would only be making $9/hour with my old employer. If I don't call her, I will feel really bad if she went calling around like crazy switching people around to accommodate me because she wants me back with them. So, I'm not sure if I should call her.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Update: Scary News

That exterminator job in Salem is low pay, plus commission, so it doesn't sound very good. Robert is not good at sales and that would make it kind of stressful for him.

So, I called my old employer to see if they had any days or swings on Saturdays and Sundays, and she's gonna call me back. They only pay $9/hour, so I can't just work there full time and have Robert quit his job. But me working 2 eights or 2 twelves would help a lot.

Also, gonna head up to Guardsmark today or tomorrow, depending on what time Robert gets off and fill out an app. They having a position opening in February.

Talked to my friend who's dad is a sheriff deputy and her friend is a correction officer about the physical fitness test for deputies and corrections officers, and she says it's very difficult, and she doesn't think I can pass it being out of shape and a smoker. So, I don't know if I will apply for the corrections officer job. It's a 1234 foot obstacle course that has to be done in less than 9 minutes for corrections officers and less than 8 minutes for sheriff deputies or something like that. I think if nothing comes through by close to the application deadline, then I might apply. It would only cost me $10 to get a form notarized, so that's not too much.

My unarmed officer's license expires next month. It's $50 to renew it. Not sure where I'm gonna come up with the money for that.

Too much going on. I'm not scared of starving to death or freezing to death, I'm scared of losing our lifestyle. It's not like we ever had much money, but we live in a nice place and have a 4 door car. I don't want to lose that. And, I don't want to share our place with cockroaches again, or have drug addict neighbors.