Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Scary news

Robert just got news from his boss yesterday that he would now only be able to pay Robert by the hour. Prior to this, Robert was salaried at 40 hours a week. It's understandable with so many clients canceling and decreasing their service because of the economic state. But, that's not good news for us since Robert only has about 25 hours of work a week now. There is no way we can survive on that. I imagine Ed & Jessie feel terrible about it. When Robert first got hired, we were living in the projects practically. Then we moved into a little bit better place, and now we live in the 3br duplex with a yard. It must have made his boss proud to be able to contribute to our quality of life and be mostly responsible for our American dream in action. Robert is such a hard worker, and Ed is so generous that Robert started at $4 less an hour than he makes now.

We looked on Oregon's Employment Department website to see if either of us could find work, as we cannot survive on the hourly salary. I found for myself Corrections Officer Trainee. That means I'd be working at the county jail in Hillsboro. No college education necessary. And, since I have my unarmed officer license already, maybe they'd be more likely to hire me. I REALLY want that job. Only problem is the written exam and physical fitness test isn't until March 14. I'm not sure if we can wait that long for a job I might not even get. If Robert can't find work first though, the deadline to turn in an application isn't until February. Government job means excellent benefits though.

I was also thinking of applying at Guardsmark. More than likely, I'd work near downtown Portland, so we'd have to move closer to the city again. Guardsmark pays about a dollar more an hour than Robert made. They also offer FREE benefits, so it probably wouldn't cost too much more to add Robert and the kids.

Robert found another Exterminator position in Salem. That's really far, so we would move there probably. It doesn't list what they pay, so I wonder if that means the pay is lousy. Robert would have to make at least how much he makes now.`But, it shouldn't be too bad because they require the employee to have experience and to already have the pesticide applicator's license. He really likes the line of work he is in. It's really good for him because it's not strenuous but it's still active and not boring.

So, please pray for us. The decrease in pay begins next week, so this Friday's check (the rent check) will be a full one, but the one after that won't be. I'm thinking Robert should ask Jessie, his boss' wife if she can try to work on his W-2 as soon as she can in January, so we can get our tax return as soon as we can. Or, maybe Obama will be able to get that stimulus check through like he wants to. I'm really scared though, that we won't be able to make it to then.

I'm really hoping I get a job first, so Robert can stay at home and go to school part time. School is just not for me. You know what else that means? No more doing dishes for me! I'm sure I would still cook though. I'm not a big fan of chard well done. LOL!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Pwned those noobs!

Well, OK, they aren't noobs, but I always wanted to say that.

I put a new perk on tonight called Sleight of Hand, makes you reload faster. Also put the Aim perk on, and look what happened! I haven't had a score like that since COD:UO!

Also got our first recruit tonight. His "name" is Sefh. He's been playing on our server since we set it up I think. Anyway, he seems nice and he plays often. And, he's not a camper so that's good. Yup, I had been trying to ask him to join our clan, but I think sometimes he's concentrating in game so much that he doesn't see what people type to him. So, finally tonight he saw what I asked. :)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Rice A Roni Recipes - By Popular Demand

I've had a few friends ask me what is so amazing about what I can do with Rice A Roni, so I thought I would post my recipes (add-ins).

When you buy box food, most of them have add-in ideas, but for whatever reason Rice A Roni doesn't. So, I came up with some myself. You only have to use one large pan with a lid. I sometimes add more rice and more liquid to make it stretch further. So, if you add a 1/2 cup of extra rice, add 1 cup of extra liquid. Sometimes, I use less meat and just cut it up into smaller pieces to make it stretch further too.

The brocolli cheese flavor:
-One box of brocolli cheese Rice A Roni
-One or two chicken breasts
-Two handlfulls of frozen brocolli
-1/2 cup or so of grated cheese like jack, colby jack or cheddar
-Appropriate spices like garlic powder and onion powder

Brown the rice in butter as directed on the box, then add the cut up seasoned chicken. The chicken doesn't have to cook all the way now because it will be simmering in water for 20-25 minutes, so it will be cooked by then. Add the amount of water the box says to with the package of Rice a Roni seasoning and cook like it says to. After 15 minutes add the frozen brocolli. When it's done put the cheese on top, remove from heat and leave the lid on a few minutes.

The mushroom something flavor (forgot the full name of it):
-One box of Mushroom something Rice A Roni
-Half a small onion, diced
-Two cloves of garlic
-A lot of sliced mushrooms
-A lot of cooked crumbled bacon

Cook bacon, remove from pan and set aside somewhere your husband won't find it. Sautee the mushrooms, onion and garlic in the leftover bacon grease. When that's almost done, brown the rice in that pan with the sautee. Follow the directions on the box.

The fried rice flavor:
-One box of Fried Rice flavored Rice A Roni
-One or two chicken breasts or pork chops, cut into bite size pieces
-Two handfulls of frozen stirfry veggies like brocolli, peas, bell pepper, onion, those crunchy weird white things, grean beans, or whatever frozen veggies you have in the freezer
-Some kind of Chinese sauce that you enjoy, like general tsao or kung pao or teriyaki

Brown the rice and meat at the same time (if you have fresh garlic and onion, cook it with the rice and meat). Add some of your Chinese sauce, then follow the directions on the box. After 15 minutes add the frozen veggies and continue cooking the rest of the recommended amount of time.

There you have it....one-pan square meals.