Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Out of Practice

About a week ago, I reinstalled COD2 on my computer to begin playing again. I had been taking a break since it was so hard to be able to play it with my little ones. I applied at Robert's clan, http://pmcod.com/ as Mrs. X since Robert's latest name is Xterminator. I'm glad they accepted me. They really are a bunch of great guys and girls. A friend from the last clan I was in is also a member there. My scored are looking pretty pathetic though--29 kills 56 deaths, 35 kills 62 deaths.

I really used to kick butt back in the day. This is a screenshot from an old game when Robert and I were with =MGX=.

My game really suffered when I went from a CRT to an LCD screen. I'm not exactly sure why that is, but I've heard of it happening with other players.

Another issue is my ping on the Project Mayhem server, it's close to 100 because they are out of Chicago, rather than LA. Also my video card is not really up to par. I'm confident that with a new video card when we get our tax return, I will once again pwn other players.

So, watch out, noobs. Because Mrs. X is getting her sexy back!


Jen said...

Have you ever tried 4?

Christina said...

Yeah, my hubby's machine will run 4, and I really like it. My machine won't run it though. Have to wait for our tax return to upgrade. Do you play?

Jen said...

I don't have game yet lol but my sweetie does lol