Wednesday, August 6, 2008

It's Always Sunny Under My Umbrella

See that happy woman on the box? Yep, that's me. I've been taking my Levity vitamin for over two weeks now, and I've never felt better.
That's me too! Yup, it's always sunny under my umbrella! My e-friend Jenny recommended these vitamins, and I am so happy she did.
I am cleaning my house because I want it to be clean, not just because it's in my job description. I've not been as short with my kids as I had been in my sleep-deprived, wanting-my-body-back state. I've been more patient with my hubby. I have the energy to run an arrand AND take my kids to the playground in the same day. Even pushing that giant double stroller across the uneven sometimes wet grass doesn't get me. I've even got other serious issues in my life which would otherwise be the end of the world practically. But, I cannot let other people's actions affect me in my happy Levity bubble.
Bring it!


Jenny-Fair said...

I'm so glad they are helping! And thanks for the's been at least a week since I have taken mine and I can always tell the difference.

Nicole said...

What is in these levity pills? Are they all natural vitamins?

Christina said...

Nicole, yup they are just vitamins, but they put the right ones together in the right amount to make them better than regular multivitamins. They are less expensive too when you buy them off the internet. I got two 90 capsule bottles for $30 after shipping.