Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Priceless - Part 3

Another fond memory was joining Sea Scouts with my dad when I was 13ish. My dad was in Sea Scouts when he was a kid too. Me and dad would get up early on Saturday mornings and head over to the sea scout base at Aquatic Park in San Francisco. (The picture is not of the sea scout base, but one of the many beautiful views from the San Francisco bay. It might be the Dolphin Club where crazy old people would put Vaseline all over their bodies and swim in the REALLY cold water.) The sailboat we all had was The Intrepid. I learned how to tie knots, watercraft safety and to be a crew member of a sailboat. I had never felt so impressed with myself than I did back then. Sometimes, when we'd break for lunch or after scouts, me and dad would walk to Fishermen's Wharf to eat and do the tourist thing. I had my very first encounter with The Bushman there.

What I learned from my dad and our skipper, Chris were invaluable skills which I have put into practice on other boats at other times in my life.

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Nicole said...

Very cool!

The bushman looks interesting...

Oh, and just picturing old people lathering up with vaseline made me crack up! Hahahahaha... ew!