Friday, May 16, 2008

Vivid Dream #3 -A Penny for my tip!

Last night's dream was pretty weird and stressfull. I dreamed I was a waitress on my first day. The restaurant looked like some small town dump. The walls peeling, tables needed refinishing. For whatever reason the boss gave me a party of 20 table on my first day. I went around and got thir orders for drinks and rushed into the kitchen to get them. I didn't know anyone in this dream, I didn't recognixe anyone including y fellow waitresses. For whatever reason we didn't have a fountain at the restaurant, we used two-liters for pop. So, I went into the fridge to get them but there were none left. It seemed like it took hours for me to find these two liters. The other waitresses were tryin to help me get the drinks and then we finally found some two-liters. So, I ran out and back and forth to bring the drinks but it had already been an hour, and then when I came back into the kitchen Gordon Ramsay showed up our of nowhere and started cussing at me saying I couldn't even get the drinks out to them on time, and he was throwing two liters around, so by the time I got back out there, that party left! They l;eft a penny ont he table for me. So, I went back into the kitchen and my boss was in there and he and Chef Ramsay were juggling two liters bac and forth like a circus act, and all of a sudden I was in a clown costume. All the waitresses and my boss and Chef Ramsay were looking at me and laughing, and I realized I peed my pants, and then I woke up.

I don't know what's up with the circus stuff in my dream. But, me and hubby do watch Hell's Kitchen, so that's probably how Gordon Ramsay ended up in my dream.

I've never had dreams this vivid before except when I was a little kid.

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