Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Vivid dream #2

Last nights dream was pretty cool. I dreamed that I was an entertainer on a cruise ship. But, the cruise ship was in port. I was like a dancing clown sort of, but kinda like a fly girl at the same time. When we were practicing a performance, a recruiter came and we all auditioned for fame. They needed 20 people for a music video. It was kinda set up like American Idol except we all danced at once and then some would get kicked off and the rest would stay. I remember feeling worried about Jimmy and Timmy if I got famous and who would watch them. I don't even remember who was babysitting Jimmy on the ship, but I remember he was there on the ship and Timmy was at home with Robert. Out of 100 people 50 made it to the next round, and I was one of them. Our boat left and went to Germany or Austria or someplace around there. I made it to the third round of 25 people. I didn't make it to the forth round, but the recruiter offered me a full scholarship to a school of dance. We started back home, and then I finally saw Jimmy in the dream. I still don't know who it was babysitting him, but he was a brand new baby in my dream like a month old. Then I woke up. The weird thing about that dream is that I haven't done any organized dance (except line dancing and two-step) since 2002. I wasn't even really good...I got an A in the class, but I definitely wasn't the best in the class, so I'm not exactly sure I landed that job on the cruise ship as a clown/dancer. LOL

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