Saturday, May 10, 2008

I miss you. Joe Camel

Dear Joe Camel,

I'm feeling pretty depressed today. I feel like I lost an old friend. I miss you. We had so many good times together. And, now you're gone. The best years of my life were spent with you and the Marlboro cowboy. You were with me through thick and thin. People let me down, but you never did.

I'm sorry to say that we can never see each other again. I'm moving on to bigger and better things. I'm relying on God. Like you, He never lets me down, but He'll never give me cancer like you would have eventually.

I'm sure you understand that my family and faith are important to me, so please don't call on me anymore. Goodbye old friend. You will truly be missed.

I'm not actually craving a cigarette, just the habit I guess. I'm so thankful for these patches because I couldn't imagine how I'd feel craving nicotine and the habit at the same time. I do feel pretty depressed though. I'm hoping this goes away soon. Ecverything is making me cry. Maybe I'll pick up some b vitamins or something.

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