Saturday, May 10, 2008

Goodbye, old friend/Dreams

Last night me and hubby said goodbye to cigarettes. We broke up the last two we had leftover. I will miss them. They have been there for me for 11 years. Mostly they've just caused me problems, but I still feel like I lost a good friend. Kinda strange. I woke up like an hour ago, so I don't feel too bad yet.

Both me and hubby put the patch .. bed, and I had some vivid dreams (a common side affect of sleeping with the patch on). I only remember one dream. But, I was walking in the desert with Moses (yeah, THE Moses who God used to free the Isrealites from the Egyptians). We were talking about illegal immigration. I don't really remember what was said totally. We came to a cave where we were going to rest and catch some shade, and Osama Bin Laden was in there. He was almost dead from thirst/starvation. So, we gave him some Gatorade and beef jerky. Moses was wearing my high school purple leopard print backpack. That's where he got the Gatorade and beef jerky from. Osama spoke English (and so did Moses). Osama asked me why we gave him the drink and food, and then Jimmy woke me up. Kinda weird.


Jenny-Fair said...

Hey, Christina! How's it coming? I know this post is rather old and don't want to make you feel badly if you have not been able to stay away from them, but I am proud of you and your DH for trying. It is NOT easy.

Christina said...

We caved after about 40 days I think. We're planning to quit again soon though. Haven't picked another quit date yet.